Erotic Hypnosis

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If you are looking for a great chance to experiment with your mind you came to the right place. Here you can find free mp3 audio recordings of the most seductive Erotic Hypnosis available online. A small taste of what you can get if you help the creators and subscribe to their Patreon pages to receive lots of exciting content and explore further. You probably already heard of free hands orgasm trough audio stimulation, with a feminine voice softly enticing and hypnotizing your mind. It’s not easy to find such recordings so you are very lucky to be able to get your hands (no pun intended) on this fantastic files.

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It is very possible to reach an orgasm by just listening to this recordings, you will be in a state of trance while the mistress whispers and commands your mind into doing her bidding. You must remain calm and relaxed and listen very attentively to every single word. If you follow each step you will be able to achieve a strong and powerful orgasm that will engulf all your body and mind and explode into pleasure and satisfaction. Soon enough the mistresse’s voice will become everything you need to survive, your days will be easy and your submissive side will come afloat. You want to be hypnotized and controlled by a strong Alpha Female, this is your chance. All you need is to submit and rejoice in her mercy. She can easily make you orgasm with her voice, such power should be admired don’t you think? Will you come for your mistress and become her loyal submissive slave ? Be a good boy now and let her in.

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A voice that you will gleefully surrender to. A voice of an angel, a powerful creature that will dominate you, completely. Feel her powerful glare and trust everything she says because she knows what’s better for you. Trance is all you need, empty your mind and let her come inside. Open the doors to your being and let her fill you with joy and pleasure. Her orgasmic nature will guide you trough all the difficult days and give your meaningless life some meaning. Be submissive and obey every single command she gives you, that way you will please your mistress and become a loyal pet.

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All of this can be accomplished without you touching yourself, just let her voice do all the work and magic the magic will ensue. She will be your succubus, a delightful Angel that will drain your soul trough your sexual energy. Give up, she is everything and now it’s time for you to give what she deserves. Your sexual energy belongs to her, when you cum listening to her voice i want you to scream her name in admiration, your goddess shall be delighted with the energy you give her.